Dr John Rault is retiring

Dr John Rault is retiring from the NHS after 35 years as a doctor

He leaves the practice at the end of January 2021

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Here is a parting message from John

Prior to the formation of the NHS an individual's healthcare was largely their own responsibility but on the 5th July 1948 health became a communal concern, a legal right and with no financial concern. Truly wonderful and it remains the envy of many around the world.

My parents met at The Royal London Hospital in the early1950s and after qualifying returned to Mauritius to work for the Government.

I came to England when I was 8 and I remember that I could not speak English [or French] particularly well and had to catch up quickly. Sadly I am the only member of my family who can no longer speak French, shameful!

I scraped into medical school after an interview with a very kindly professor. Being a student was an absolute treat, the east end of London was exciting, I saw lots, learnt lots and slowly grew up.

Junior doctor training could be harsh and quite a rite of passage. It really was see one, do one and teach one. But my GP training in South London was good and I joined a busy local practice as a partner.

After 5 years my wife Lois and I went travelling, a fantastic experience, we spent 5 months getting around Australia and New Zealand by bus!

In 1998 I joined Harcourt Medical Centre. I am very proud of our team.

I feel very lucky to have worked with really bright, thoughtful, caring and supportive individuals, from the non-clinical staff to nurses and doctors. It is a privilege to be part of, we really do simply muck in and get on with it.

Our personal list model of my secretary, my nurse and my doctor in my view remains the best that can be offered.

Harcourt patients have been loyal, patient and kind. I have learnt a lot from you all. Thank you.

Our local district general hospital is a gem, full of kindly, thoughtful and hardworking colleagues. Please support it.

Please treasure the NHS, do watch Ken Loach's Spirit of '45 to learn why we need it.

Finally I am blessed to have a loving wife and daughter. To love and be loved in return, that has got me through more difficult times.

I wish you all a happy and healthy future.

Thank you for having me.

Best wishes.
John Rault

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