Travel Clinic

We provide FREE up to date advice for travellers planning trips to all areas of the world.

Based on the areas of your planned travel, and the activities you will undertake, we will assess your individual vaccine requirements.

Please consider doing your own research on the areas of planned destination this will help you to understand the risks you face and the local diseases you may encounter, you may find these websites helpful: and

Please complete and return the attached travel questionnaire for each traveller at least 4-6 weeks before your travel departure date as many vaccines need MONTHS rather than weeks/days to sort out so you need to plan ahead!

Typical vaccinations required:
Hepatitis A: 2 injected vaccinations 6-12 months apart
Hepatitis B: 3-4 injected vaccinations generally given over a 6 month period
Typhoid: A single vaccination
Rabies: 3 injected vaccinations given over 28 days
Yellow Fever: A single vaccination PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A YELLOW FEVER CENTRE
Anti-malarial medication is tailored to the area you are travelling to due to drug resistance and sensitivity and is given in tablet form.

Travel clinic appointments are for 20 minutes with a trained nurse. Unfortunately many appointments are not kept so PLEASE ATTEND if you fail to attend we will not be able offer you another travel appointment here at the surgery.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please do so in good time.

Please note that medication for malaria prevention and some travel vaccines are not available on the NHS.

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